At 103, Marge Jetton shows Dr. Oz and Dan Buettner her exercise routine.

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While investigating the longevity of the Loma Lindans, Dan had the pleasure of meeting 103-year-old Marge Jetton. Marge's secret to staying healthy is daily exercise and volunteerism.

Marge's daily exercise routine consists of weight lifting and riding a stationary bicycle for 7 or 8 miles at 25 mph! "You know, it's impressive," Dr. Oz says. "Most folks watching this program I don't think can go 25 miles an hour." While Marge demonstrates her dumbbell workout, Dr. Oz notices how strong her arms look. "They're very big. This is priceless," Dr. Oz says. "She's pumping iron."

After 77 years of marriage, Marge's husband passed away. As most people would do, Marge mourned her loss, but then realized that there was more for her to do. "She said, 'I realized the world is not going to come to me. I need to go to the world,'" Dan says. "And she still volunteers for seven organizations at 103. So it's a sign of being healthy."
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