Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is 94 and still performs heart surgeries.

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Home to the longest-living Americans is Loma Linda, California, a town 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

A big part of life in Loma Linda revolves around faith—it's home to 9,000 followers of the Seventh Day Adventist church. The Christian religion emphasizes diet and health and frowns on smoking, drinking and eating meat and processed foods.

Heart surgeon Ellsworth Wareham is a 94-year-old Adventist who can still be found in the operating room. "I think it's important for an individual to have some security and peace in his life. And I get that from believing in a loving, caring God, you see. And so if he's in charge of my life, why sit around and worry? I mean, he takes care of the universe, he can certainly take care of me, so I don't worry."

Dr. Wareham also follows a vegan diet, which means he doesn't eat any meat, milk or eggs. He also spends about 10 hours a week working in his garden. "I've been fortunate, first, but I do try to follow a good lifestyle," he says.
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