Are you satisfied with the way you look when you strip down? Unfortunately, it’s common for women to hate what they see. The problems associated with eating fast and processed foods, sedentary lifestyles and hectic schedules are only compounded by the barrage of images of impossibly-slim women that Americans are exposed to every day. This combination has lead to a national crisis of deficient self-esteem.

Take back your confidence and focus on getting more comfortable in your own skin. Tackle the problems that are holding you back from loving your body with tactics that will help you improve the way you feel about your body from the inside out.

Step 1: Assess Your Body

At home, stand in front of a mirror naked and take a look at your body. This part of the Naked Diet Plan will help you see yourself with new eyes. Change the way you feel about your body by processing what you see in a different way.
  • Take inventory of your body. Choose one thing you want to work on, but more importantly, write down three things you really love about your body – your eyes, lips, hair, legs – and make sure to focus and accentuate those positive attributes
  • Keep a go-to outfit in your closet. Your go-to outfit should be something you know you look good in, makes you feel amazing, and accentuates those parts of your body that you feel most proud about. When you feel more confident with your clothes on, you’ll be able to adopt a more positive frame of mind, and it’ll be easier to take your clothes off.


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