Jackie, the fiancée of the man who turned blue.

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Paul met his fiancée, Jackie, after he had already turned blue. Jackie was a friend of Paul's sister, who is an artist. One day while Paul's sister was painting a portrait of her, Jackie picked up the phone. Paul was on the other end.

Jackie says the two of them talked on the phone for three or four hours a night for the next six months. Though Paul's sister had explained that her brother's skin was blue, Jackie had still not seen Paul in a photo or in person. "We talked on the phone for several months, so I knew the man," she says.

Weeks before their first in-person meeting, Paul's cousin sent Jackie a photo. "She called me and said, 'Please know he is a wonderful man. He's a good man. Please don't let the color scare you,'" Jackie says. "I printed it, and I pulled it out. I'm looking, and I'm going, 'Oh, wow! Oh, wow!" But I had to go back to the man I had fallen in love with."

"I'm all for looking beyond color," Oprah says.