Dr. Oz explains how silver turned Paul blue.

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Dr. Oz says drinking a silver solution is actually a very old therapy that dates back thousands of years. Though use of silver has largely fallen out of medical use since the introduction of antibiotics, Dr. Oz says silver is still regularly given to newborn babies to make sure they don't develop a disease from their mothers during childbirth and is even used to treat some burns.

"It prevents the bacteria from making energy, but it does the same thing to our cells," he says.

Paul has so much silver in his body that he has a condition called argyria. "You know how you get silver in a photographic plate, when it gets exposed to sun it turns a color? Well the same thing happened to you," Dr. Oz says. "You basically tattooed your entire body with this silver."

"It's going to save me a lot of money at the tattoo parlor," Paul jokes.