Vodka, seltzer, splash of cranberry juice and a lime

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What You Want: A Cosmopolitan
(212 Calories per 4-Ounce Serving)
A better choice: Raspberry-infused vodka with club soda, a splash of cranberry and a lime (115 calories)
A little vodka, a little Cointreau, some cranberry juice—you may as well be sipping a pack of liquefied fruit chews. And the more splashes of juice and shots of alcohol you add, the higher the calories climb. This still doesn't mean that you need to give up your favorite cocktail. "We tell clients who are trying to lose weight to have that drink but to treat it like a treat or a piece of cake," says Willow Jarosh, MS, RD, a Best Life nutritionist and Clarke's partner at C&J Nutrition. If you opt for this lower-calorie version of your signature drink, you could even have two of them. Jarosh also suggests acting like a mixologist and experimenting with different fruit-infused vodkas and amounts of lime or lemon juice (both very low in calories).