After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, Star says she still had 85 pounds to lose. This time, she says it's no rumor—she lost the weight with the help of Pilates. "When I was on the Pilates machine for the first time, I couldn't lift my legs. There's an exercise called the hundred—I couldn't get through two much less a hundred," she says. "But I wouldn't quit. I did it five days a week. ... And as I did it, I remember my gym pants started to fall off a little bit, and I just started to cry. I knew it was working."

Star says she also had some follow-up surgeries to deal with her new body. "I couldn't get rid of the stomach. I'd gotten rid of all the fat, but I couldn't get rid of the skin," she says. "So [I had] the abdominoplasty, which is commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, because that's not healthy to have skin hanging here. And then for vanity's sake, I had the boobs lifted because they went like pancakes."


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