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1 p.m.: Lunch—refresh your senses.

"Eat something bright and juicy. For me that would be a salad with arugula, avocado and beets with a little torn mint and a citrus vinaigrette, which doesn't have to be more than olive oil and fresh orange. Pasta or a sandwich can make you feel weighed down. I also think it's important to surround yourself with beautiful things. Instead of eating out of plastic, keep a wooden salad bowl and real fork in your desk."
— Suzanne Goin, owner of Los Angeles restaurants Lucques and A.O.C. and co-author of Sunday Suppers at Lucques

"I'm a huge fan of water. I sometimes feel like a plant that's started to wither, then literally comes back to life with water. The other miracle is a mixture of kale, collards and mustard greens, steamed or boiled with garlic, dill and caramelized onions. When you eat them, a cup at least twice a day, you feel zesty instead of dragging—and I swear my skin is like silk. And when a woman is feeling good about her body, others can feel it—she has a sensual presence."
— Renee Robinson, dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for 25 years