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11:45 a.m.: Move your limbs.

"There are easy things you can do in an office—once an hour, if possible. For example, arch backward in your chair, reach your arms up to the ceiling and stretch. Or extend your arms back behind you, lace your hands together, and squeeze the shoulder blades while lifting your breastbone up. Or just stand up and shift your hips side to side, putting weight on one foot, then the other."
— Lesley Powell, director of Movements Afoot Pilates studio in New York City

"When I'm stuck on a plane, I do leg lifts. I raise one leg at a time, keeping my knees parallel, back nice and straight. I point and flex each foot, then rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise, three sets of 10 with each leg. It's a small workout—quad, calf—and it keeps my core tight. If your core is tight, everything flows."
— Swin Cash