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From 9 to 5, your mind is on the job—but what about the rest of you? Experts tell how to keep your physical self purring right along.

7 a.m.: Don't jump out of bed. Allow your body to awaken.

"I stretch as soon as I get up. I'll point and flex my toes, do slow shoulder rolls in each direction, and clasp my hands behind me, while standing, then fold forward to stretch my whole body. That gets everything in line."
—Swin Cash, forward for the Detroit Shock, WNBA all-star and former Olympian

"When I wake, I make a mental note of how I feel physically. It lets me move in a way that prepares me for success. Usually, I'll have something warm to drink—the warmth creates a sense of security, relaxes me, and gives me the time I need to take care of myself. And I always open the blinds; sunshine makes my body feel alive and strong."
— Susan Mitchell, New York Pilates studio owner and author of The Tao of Movement