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7:30 to 8 a.m.: Honor your skin.

"I use a great body lotion every single morning. It's a sign of self-respect and self-caring, even if nobody else notices. It means that even under your business attire, you know the female side of you is still there."
— Robin Coe-Hutshing, founder of Studio at Fred Segal, a boutique of cosmetics, lotions, candles and custom fragrances

"You don't want a bra that pinches or pokes so that all day you're thinking you can't wait to get home and take it off. Wearing a soft, lovely fabric against your skin really makes you feel better. I remember reading in a biography of Katharine Hepburn that she always insisted on silk underclothes. She said, 'With silk, I walk differently.'"
— Lisa Norman, owner of Lisa Norman Lingerie in Santa Monica, California