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Photo: Courtesy of Patricia Moreno

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Shed Extra Pounds, Self-Doubt and Fear
What it is: IntenSati, a heart-pounding cardio class in which you do martial arts moves, yoga poses and dance steps while shouting affirmations like, "YES, I'M COMMITTED TO LIVE A LIFE I LOVE."

What it does for your body: You can burn around 800 calories, build strength from head to toe and seriously boost cardiovascular endurance (it's not easy to yell and jump at the same time).

What it does for your soul: The creator of IntenSati, Patricia Moreno, grew up obese; she was addicted to food, then exercise, then diet drugs. She came up with the IntenSati method because she felt traditional workouts neglected the mind and soul connection. Class-goers tend to be serious about self-improvement, and they claim this practice helps them focus on their goals and think more positively outside the gym.

Where: Moreno teachers at Equinox clubs in New York City; other classes available across the country (and on DVD).