Fred DeVito, creator of Core Fusion

Photo: Courtesy of Exhale and Fred DeVito

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Strengthen Your Core
You've heard it before (and that's because it's true): A strong core helps support your spine and tighten your tummy—and it's more comfortable than sucking everything in to look slimmer. This do-anywhere exercise was developed by Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, the creators of the ab-busting program Core Fusion. In this position, you'll be toning not only your abdominal muscles but also your chest, shoulders and arms, DeVito says.
Standing Plank: Stand with your body angled toward a wall and your feet behind your hips. Lean forward, place your forearms on the wall—about shoulder-width apart—and walk your feet back as far as you can without lifting your heels. Press the forearms into the wall for 30 to 60 seconds. Do this 3 times.

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