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Photo: Courtesy of Jill Miller

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Stand Straighter
Strengthening the muscles and fascia along the sides of the body gives 360-support for the spine, helping us to look longer and leaner, says Jill Miller, a yoga and fitness-therapy expert and creator of the Yoga Tune Up program. Bonus: This move also tightens the obliques and the glutes.
Full Body Boomerang: Get into position by standing straight and tall, with your core tight and glutes firm. Cross your right foot over your left foot without twisting your pelvis. Pin your right hand and arm to your right side, then sweep the left arm out to the side and overhead while you lean to the right. Now, maintain tension in your body while breathing deeply into the left side of your torso for at least 10 breaths. Then switch sides.
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.