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Tone Your Inner Thighs
This tiny isometric movement sculpts the thigh and glute muscles from the inside out, says Jennifer Williams, creator of the barre-inspired fitness program Pop Physique. It's a key element of the Pop Physique workout and is incorporated into classes (Los Angeles; San Francisco; Jupiter, FL; Baltimore, MD), as well as the routines on the Original Butt and Hard Core workout DVDs.
Standing Arabesque: While holding the back of a chair, place your feet in first position: heels together, toes apart in a narrow V. Bend your knees, squeeze your glutes together and tuck your tailbone forward. Extend your right leg back low—about 45 degrees—and reach your right arm forward at shoulder height. Now lift the right leg one inch—but keep it so tight and controlled that the move is nearly imperceptible, advises Williams. (In fact, you can barely tell that the DVD instructors are moving even when the camera zooms in close.) Do this 16 times. Now squeeze your right leg to the left (again, only an inch at the most). Do this 16 times. Finish by combining the two together, squeezing in, then up, 8 times.
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