Oprah and her assistant, Novona

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One of the very first things Oprah decided to do to make herself a priority this year is put herself back on her to-do list—literally!

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Novona, one of Oprah's personal assistants, explains how a typical day looked last year. "The day usually starts at 6 a.m. This day we had three tapings, so back-to-back tapings—second show and a third show. And then pre-production meetings with the teams who have upcoming shows. And then you probably got lunch and dinner, I hope, in that day," she says. "And then you go home and it's been a 14-hour day."

Where did that leave Oprah? "If there was enough time in the week left over from everybody else's appointments with me, then I would take it for myself," Oprah says. "As it turned out, there was never any time left over."

Now, Novona says, Oprah's schedule specifically sets aside time for personal things like workouts, manicures and meditation. "Back on the list," Novona says.