Oprah on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine

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In January 2005, Oprah showed off her toned, 160-pound body in a tummy-baring top on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine. At the time, she says she thought she'd conquered the battle of the bulge once and for all. "[I was] so happy with myself," she says. "I would even say I was probably cocky about it. ... When I was in this moment, I never thought that I would be 40 pounds heavier."

Four years later, Oprah, who now weighs 200 pounds, says the role of "cover girl" was much less appealing. "This past year's been really difficult because I didn't feel like being a cover girl," she says. "I wasn't proud of my body and, therefore, didn't want to show my body and didn't really want to be seen."

Oprah says she dreaded the moment each month when she'd have to try on clothes in front of a team of 20 people. When a pair of pants didn't fit or a shirt was too tight, Oprah says she felt embarrassed. The solution? Throughout 2008, Oprah says she's worked with magazine editors to camouflage her figure. "All this year, I've been hiding my body because I didn't want you to see it," she says. "Here I am, one of the most visible people in the world, trying not to be seen on the cover of my own magazine."