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If You Like Pilates, Try: Stand-Up Paddling (SUP)
The workout: Set off into the clear blue on a specially designed board, using only a paddle to propel yourself. Each stroke tones your triceps, glutes, back, and abs. "This workout absolutely nails your core," says Gina Bradley, the founder of Paddle Diva, a SUP training program for women in Long Island, New York. "Every movement feels like you're doing a crunch on one side." SUP has become an increasingly popular beach vacation activity, and some companies now offer SUP excursions to oceans and lakes in cities across the country.

Why you'll like it: Cultivating balance, core strength, and a love of the water, stand-up paddling pays homage to Pilates's strength building with the head-to-toe muscle engagement of swimming. Unlike rowing, which relies on symmetrical movement, SUP is asymmetrical—you're challenging one side of your body at a time—which, as Bradley explains, engages muscles that aren't normally used during the average gym workout.

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