Challenge Negative Thinking

Here is an example of how to challenge negative thinking once you recognize that you are doing it:

  • The Situation

    You walk into your office in the morning and say hello to your assistant and she says nothing in return. You feel hurt.

  • Your Possible Interpretations

    A) Mind reading: "I have done something to make her angry."
    B) Catastrophic thinking: "This is going to be a horrible day."

  • Challenging the Evidence

    A) "I don't remember doing anything that would have made her angry."
    B) "She might just be having a bad day."
    C) "She might not have heard me when I said hello."
    D) "I was looking forward to some of the things I have on my schedule today. It might not be a great day, but it doesn't have to be horrible."

  • Coming to a Balanced Interpretation

    "I have no idea why she didn't say hello back and I feel hurt, but instead of jumping to conclusions, I will check it out with her. If she is mad at me, I will deal with it. It doesn't have to ruin my whole day."

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