If I told you that this weekend I passed on a date, you'd probably think I was crazy, right? Well, I did. It wasn't a date with Matt, it was with a bacon-wrapped date with apple vinaigrette. I know that the dates are yummy, but it's really all about choices. When I was planning my Saturday evening dinner with colleagues, I knew that it would be a tough decision which items to enjoy and which ones I'd have to just avoid.

We went out to one of my favorite tapas restaurants. For those who have never enjoyed the "small plates of Spain," tapas are usually really delightful, appetizer-sized portions of food that isn't really healthy in general. I had a salad to start (good job), then I had a bite of this heavenly lamb that had this tangy sweet sauce (eek, one bite was too much, I think!), then I moved onto beef tenderloin with blue cheese (again, scraped the blue cheese off and avoided the fries), scallops—absolutely yummy (no sauce, so I had two scallops and didn't feel bad), bacon-wrapped dates (I drooled over these but didn't have a single one), another order of the beef (again, just had good conversation during this dish), escargot (okay, total yuck so glad someone ordered something I don't like).

Did I mention the sangria was everywhere? Have I mentioned how iced tea, although a great drink, doesn't have the fun party atmosphere of sangria? I was waiting through all these lovely dishes because I knew what was our dessert. They serve an almond sorbet, which is so small but really delectable. One of the people I was dining with even mentioned that it seemed like I was "sandbagging" a few courses before dessert. I smiled and thought about what a good girl I had been. I ate my sorbet knowing that it was worth the sacrifices and that the rest of my day had been perfect as far as food goes.

For now the only dates I've been having are ones with my personal trainer, which is perfectly fine. Now if only I could come up with some sort of treadmill that after every mile I got to have a tablespoon of that almond sorbet. There's a great new idea!

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