I am on my way to Playa Del Carmen, which is right outside of Cancun. I am really looking forward to it. We are celebrating my sister's wonderful birthday. You may have noticed I didn't put a number with it, and I don't dare. Let's just say it is a fabulous number that most definitely needs to be celebrated.

So I have been frantically getting ready for my trip and doing a little shopping. I even bought some two-piece bathing suits—of course strategically picking the right ones for my body shape, along with the right cover up and wrap.

I can't imagine myself prancing around there with just my bathing suit on, but I think I will be daring and try it with a wrap. The main area that I am always concerned about is the backside and my thighs, so those will definitely be covered. My saving grace will be my lounge chair. Then I don't mind showing my body without my wrap on. Somehow when you sit in a chair, it can do wonders for how your weight is distributed. Right now I am imagining this place with lots of beautiful bodies floating around the beach. I guess we shall see.


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