Bob Greene called me the other day to check on my progress on the Best Life program during the summer. I was happy to report to Bob that every area of my life is much improved since starting the Best Life plan back in February. No area of my life is perfect, but I am finding the right balance all around. In the past when I would start a diet, I would focus all of my energy on cutting my food intake and exercising like crazy, which would throw everything else in my life out of balance. And if I did reach my weight loss goal it was not sustainable. Bob's program is designed to be a journey that prepares you for a long, healthy life.

I just keep chipping away, every week rediscovering a little bit more of me or the me I know I can be. I feel like I have unconsciously used the extra weight to lower the expectations of myself and what others expect of me. There is a fear deeply rooted in the pit of my stomach that I will not measure up even after getting control of my health and fitness—this fear of failure seems to grow inside me with every pound lost and pants size dropped. Bob said on the show that, "Good is never good enough for Bill." I think a truer statement is that I often settle for good and bemoan that fact that I could/should have done better instead of truly striving for excellence because I am afraid of failing.

The bottom line is: I feel great. My weight is down, my cholesterol is down, my blood pressure is down and my energy is up. I am losing weight and getting healthy the right way.

Keep moving forward,

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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