Seabrook House, a rehabilitation facility in New Jersey, has offered to take Merry into their live-in treatment program. "They specialize in treatment for pregnant women," Oprah says to Merry. "They'll arrange for everything and pay for it, including your travel."

Merry has known about the offer for six days. Now, she has 24 hours to make her final decision. What's holding her back? Lisa says Merry is scared.

"She's been addicted for seven years. You have to change your life in every way and become responsible," she says. "It's also a community. Her friends for the last seven years, they're heroin friends. They've been part of this life."

Patti says she thinks her daughter is ready. "When Merry did go through the detox and came home, the very night that she came home, she was trying to build her little arsenal of weaponry against this disease," she says. "She said, 'I do have some friends. I have my friend Roxanne, and I have Lisa.' ... It's a whole lifestyle change. It's scary, of course, but it's a good thing scary. There is no alternative."

"It's death or it's prison," Lisa says. "That's the alternative."

Kelly, a mother of four who is a recovering heroin addict, offers Merry words of encouragement. "It is the hardest fight you will ever have in your life," she says. "[But], in the end, my life is far better now than it was before. ... You can do it. You have to fight, literally, for your life."

Merry agrees to take the next step. "I'm ready to go," she says.

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