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Ready to get started? The first month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

Why you don't need more willpower
The 11 dates you need to mark on your calendar today

How to cut your daily calories in half
Where health and happiness intersect
Laptop   5 questions to answer before you make any changes this year Blueberries  
How to find out what really motivates you
Asparagus   Chef Cary Neff offers up a delicious (and healthy!) spa menu you can make at home Vegetables    
11 cooking secrets from a spa chef
Dumbbells   Personal trainer Jorge Cruise's 8-minute workout for each day of the week Sports Bra    
The best new workout clothes for 2011
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Keep it going! The second month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

12 ways to have more fun in bed
14 really good sex questions

Quiz: How much do you know about sex today?
Pacing a relationship: A step-by-step guide to getting it right
Feet   Where did this liberating and helpful sex guide come from? Sex Doctor  
Dr. Laura Berman answers 10 questions on intimacy
Sex Quiz   Your Workbook: Love and Lust Dr. Drew Pinsky    
Dr. Drew: How sex is like pizza and more
Sex Ed   Would you take an adult sex ed class? Peacock    
Seduction instructions (even a klutz can follow)
Couple in Bed  
A shy girl’s guide to sex
Sexual energy: How to feel the heat

Sex   Under-the-covers: Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask Handcuffs    
How her lunch with Hilda Hutcherson, MD, can change your love life
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Keep it going! The third month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

Dr. Oz  
Dr. Oz's 15 pieces of memory boosting advice
11 ways to empower your brain

4 ways to remember what you just learned
The reason you may be forgetting things
Memory   Here’s how you can combat the lapses of your overloaded brain Chart    
The stress detector test

Workbook   Your Workbook: How to do anything better Meditation    
What would it take for you to be still?
Lisa Kogan   The things you can never forget Newspapers    
How reading is better for remembering

The best way to sharpen your focus
Strategies to avoid that totally overwhelmed feeling

How to relax now (damn it!)
Tired Woman    
The weary woman's manifesto
The way to deal coolly with everyday disasters
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Keep it going! The fourth month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

6 ways to find emotional balance
What would it take for you to love your body?

15 healthy habits that could transform your life
Martha Beck on the joys of being unbalanced
Memory   Why a midlife meltdown can lead to a great leap forward Chart    
Are your emotions running your life?

Workbook   Your Workbook: What are your strengths? Meditation    
5 simple ways to fight seasonal allergies
Exercise   5 exercises that work your entire body—in only 15 minutes Workout    
Are you making these four workout mistakes?

Ready to get moving? Our 4-month fitness plan
16 ways to stay fit at the office

No gym required: 10 fitness moves you can do anywhere
Are you doing the right exercise for your age?
Cara Birnbaum  
How one woman learned to stretch her limits—and climb a mountain
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Keep it going! The fifth month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

What your "felt age" is and why it zips around like a hummingbird
Aisha Tyler    
Lessons Learned: What you need to know about a "pre-freak out" and more
Age Defying  
Why we know getting older doesn't mean you have to feel old
How to begin to love your (naked) self
Cristina Carlino   "20 is not the new 40!" 5 things she knows about aging FGC Logo    
What's your emotional age?
Workbook   Your Workbook: Are you stuck in the past? Margaret Cho    
Everyone has one: the thoughtless remark that stuck. How to let it go.
Oprah   What Oprah knows about getting older Turkey Neck   6 truths no one ever tells you about aging
Woman and Mirror   10 striking women on what not to worry about FGC logo    
Ken Paves: How to get an age-defying haircut
Kerry Washington   Finding impeccable style at any age Makeup    
The secret to a flawless face (and it's not in a tube)

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Keep it going! The sixth month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

How to camouflage just about any flaw
15 treatments for more beautiful skin
Summer Skin  
Summerize! A head-to-toe guide
What every beauty editor knows that you should too
Val Monroe   Val answers your top 20 skincare questions Legs    
Solutions for gorgeous bare legs
Woman Eating Apple   Improve your skin with these foods Skin    
How to get silky skin and more
Beauty   The easy guide to flawless skin Cellulite    
The cure for cellulite? Seriously?
Fried Quiz   Quiz: Is it you—or your life—that's the problem?

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Keep it going! The seventh and eighth months of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge include all the following articles and tools.

Men vs. Women: How mismanaging feelings harms one group more
The different signs of depression in men and women
How well do you understand the men in your life? Take a moment to consider what you really think.
15 tiny but powerful life tweaks
Aspirin   How to set up a first aid kit Rx    
Read this before you pick up your next Rx
Quiz   Quiz: What's keeping you from connecting? Remedies    
O's health expert turns vinegar, toothpaste and tea into brilliant first-aid fixes
Beauty   15 habits you can start today, this week, this month Farm    
6 summer food resolutions
Health   4 ways to make the most of the season Walsh    
Peter Walsh's 3 cool rules for getting organized
Stress   Quiz: How stressed out are you? FGC Logo    
Workbook: Start exploring your web
Party   The perfect summer dinner party Family    
41 ways to have fun with your kids (in less than 2 hours)

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Keep it going! The eighth month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

Sunset Run  
When is the best time of day to workout?
Bob's Healthy Eating 101
Alarm Clock  
Dr. Oz: The way to get 8 real hours of sleep
Elin Hildebrand    
The lesson the beach taught novelist Elin Hilderbrand
Bob Greene   Want to look and feel 20 years younger?

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Keep it going! The ninth month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

Body Confidence  
What a "junk thought" is and how to get rid of one
The thing that helps one woman feel better naked
Happy Woman  
Could you ever have a...nude attitude?
Mother & daughter    
The fat fight: What to do to stop it
Martha Beck's cure for self-consciousness
FGC Logo    
Quiz: Are you at home in your body?
FGC Logo  
Workbook: How much "body esteem" do you have?
Val Monroe    
How one woman sheds her last inhibition
11 reasons to love your body (and his)
Bob Greene    
Why you need to become "functionally fit"
Oprah Winfrey  
Oprah: "This is the body you've been given—love what you've got"
What to do when your body lets you down
Beauty contest  
Life isn't a beauty contest? She actually convinced us
Sit up    
Bob Greene's 7 workouts to make yourself stronger


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