O readers offer 10 unconventional ways to get yourself out of bed.
1. Get a dog. As long as it has to go out, you have to get up.

2. Or get a cat. Nothing wakes you up like a sandpaper tongue licking your face.

3. Place a huge bird feeder outside the bedroom window so the neighborhood robins serve as your alarm clock.

4. Do yoga. It's the most relaxing way to bring your energy level up.

5. Have children—less relaxing but equally effective.

6. Marry someone who gets up earlier than you do.

7. Set two alarm clocks at distant points in the bedroom.

8. Schedule the cable guy, the exterminator, and the carpet cleaner first thing—you'll have to be at least vertical and clothed when they arrive.

9. Set the breakfast table the night before, and stock up on the fruit, cereal, or muffins that you like best. Put out a book or magazine article you've been wanting to read.

10. Head straight to the shower and sprinkle a few drops of citrus-and-eucalyptus oil around the tub—let the scent clear your head.

Do you have a novel way to get going in the morning? Give us your wake-up tips in Comments below.

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