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Makeup with SPF is just as good as sunscreen.
Women tend to be (justifiably) wary of caking on makeup, but this means they rarely put on the amount of sunscreen-enhanced foundation, tinted-moisturizer or lipstick required to protect their skin from the sun, explains Justin Piasecki, MD, a plastic surgeon and the founder of the Skin Cancer Center in Gig Harbor, Washington. They also neglect to reapply the products every two to three hours, which is the amount of time Piasecki says it takes for any sunscreen to wear or rub off, and for the sun's UV rays to deactivate its protective ability. This is why makeup with SPF can be 14 times less effective than sunscreen. Piasecki says that at least one-third of skin cancers occur above the neck, so he recommends wearing sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection under your makeup every day and carrying a travel-size sunscreen in your purse so you can reapply it when you're outside.
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