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The Ultimate: 10 Swedish fish (74 calories, 15g sugar)
We tend to think of these soft red candies as a "healthy"-ish alternative to other sweets. They're fat-free, sure, but also high in sugar (and over time, they'll really do a number on your teeth).

The Alternate: Trade the Swedish fish for gummy bunnies. About the same amount of Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks (0.8-ounce pouch, 70 calories, 10g sugar) packs a fruity punch and has an appealing chewy texture. Bonus: they provide you with 100 percent of the daily value for Vitamin C.

Even Healthier: Even those who are normally bored by dried fruit might want to check out Sunsweet's new Plum Amazins (1 ounce or about 2 tablespoons, 70 calories, 9g sugar). These bite-size plum pieces are softer and have a milder sweetness than raisins, but with 50 percent more fiber and half the sugar—and of course, more potassium and antioxidants than candy. Roberts says you can teach yourself to crave healthy foods by eating them when you're hungry for three to four weeks (her healthy-eating workshop participants swear this trick works), so stock up.

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