Thinning the herd

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The first items were all of Jillian's drinks, including soda and bottled iced tea. They're both just sugar and water, so they go on "the bad table." "If one of the first four or five ingredients is high fructose corn syrup—that's another word for sugar, and it's another word for aging your arteries and your immune system," Dr. Roizen says.

Anything made with enriched flour is also on "the bad table." Seemingly healthy items like apple juice and yogurt often have additional sugar and salt.

Find out more about sugar, corn syrup, enriched flour and other items in the Food Hall of Shame.

Another ingredient to avoid is trans fat. These fats, which Dr. Oz says were originally invented as a substitute for candle wax, "stick together and they become solid at room temperature," Dr. Oz says. "There is no good oil that is solid at room temperature."

How do you know if a food has trans fat? In 2005 the U.S. government began requiring companies to list trans fat in nutritional information—so check your labels.