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Jillian was once a popular cheerleader, star athlete and sorority sister. In college, she started drinking and began to put on weight. After her marriage, her weight continued to climb. When she was pregnant, Jillian put on 75 pounds and tipped the scale at more than 200 pounds. Now, nine years after her son was born, Jillian admits to being 50 pounds overweight.

Jillian says a typical day includes eating a grilled Reuben sandwich with french fries for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and red meat for dinner. She also says she snacks all day long. "You know the bags you buy for Halloween? I can eat that in a day," Jillian says.

By her own admission, Jillian drinks an astonishing 300 ounces of diet soda a day. That's four six packs!

Her problems extend far beyond just looking bad. Jillian says she has so little energy she rarely does much of anything. She goes to a drive-thru bank and dry-cleaner, and has even rigged up a way to drag her trash cans to the curb in her SUV rather than walking. Jillian says she has trouble staying awake, and often sleeps for 18 hours a day. "It's called hibernation," Dr Oz says.

Jillian says her life is out of control and she's ready for a serious lifestyle change. "I feel like I'm just watching life go by instead of participating in it," she says.