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Oprah: Welcome to night number 2 of our week of Best Life webcasts. All week long we're giving you the tools and inspiration to look at your life in a different way and make the changes you need to live your Best Life in 2009. I'm laughing because—anyway. Right now, thousands of people are online with us from every corner of the globe China, hi. Iceland, Kuwait, Japan and Botswana. And, of course, all 50 states here in America. Welcome to our Web class, planet Earth. Last night we found out how to get back on the weight loss wagon with Bob Greene. Tonight, we're building on the momentum to get healthy with Dr. Oz. Hello.

Dr. Oz: Thank you very much.

Oprah: Hello. Hello. So let's tell the people just what happened. I just woke up, you know, because I just got in from Africa the other day, so my schedule is all flipped around. So I'm doing live shows in the day and then webcasts at night and so—

Dr. Oz: And my big question was who would be brave enough to wake you up?

Oprah: Well, I actually woke myself up because, you know, I had to do this. So I'm napping in the middle of the day because I put myself back on the list. Normally, I would just, you know, trudge through the day, trudge through the day, trudge through the day.

Dr. Oz: A lot of people.

Oprah: So—

Dr. Oz: I'm really excited about this today because in medicine it's so often that we'll have an ovarian lottery. You know, wherever you're born, that's the healthcare you get. But today we're all over the planet, and so we may have great questions from Iceland that might generate a good response in Chicago that someone in China has got a better idea on, and that's actually how we're going to change medicine around the planet.

Oprah: Doesn't it feel like Iceland here right now?

Dr. Oz: It does exactly. It does.

Oprah: So cold. We've got Skypers standing by, and we're going to also be taking your phone calls tonight live. The number to call, 866-677-2496. That's 866-OPRAH-XM. So you might remember last week Dr. Oz gave us his ultimate checks list. The most important steps to turn your health around in 2009. We're going to be answering your questions about that and anything else on your mind about health. After the webcast, you can print Dr. Oz's checklist on and just put it rightful on your refrigerator with all the pictures and—

Dr. Oz: And then look at it and act on it.

Oprah: And act on it. Don't just have it there on the—as a sticky thing on the refrigerator.

Dr. Oz: It's not just good for decorative purposes.

Oprah: Kim has been following Dr. Oz's ultimate checklist for two months now, and she's Skyping from her—where are you? You're right here in Chicago, right?

Kim: I am.

Oprah: Oh, hi.

Kim: Hi, Oprah. Hi, Dr. Oz.

Oprah: How are you?

Dr. Oz: How are you?

Oprah: So how's it been working, the checklist? 

Kim: It's been going really great for me. I've been working out on a regular basis. I've been taking my vitamins. I've been reading labels, which is something new for me in trying to make healthy choices in my diet. I've lost 8 pounds, and I feel great.

Oprah: Wow. Where are you working out? Because it's so—it's like a frozen tundra here. Where are you working out?

Kim: Well, I belong to a gym and it's— you know, it's a chain gym but it's pretty inexpensive and my health advocate, who is also my neighbor, goes with me. We get up at 5 in the morning, and we drive and we work out for an hour, and then we get home and go to work so—

Oprah: That's fantastic. I love the health advocate. So you also have a question for Dr. Oz. Let's hear it.

Kim: I do, Dr. Oz. I have some pretty large weight loss goals. I'd like to lose another to 60 pounds and I just wondered if you had any advice or recommendations for me going forward because I've been setting small goals, and when I look at it in little small increments, it's not so overwhelming, and when I think about the ultimate goal, it seems kind of overwhelming for me. So, how long do you think it will take, and what advice do you have for me going forward?

Dr. Oz: What's your target weight? Where do you want to end up?

Kim: I—do I really have to say that on television? On—

Dr. Oz: It's just the Internet.

Kim: Okay. I would like to end up like at around 190.

Dr. Oz: All right.

Kim: I think that's a reachable goal for me.

Dr. Oz: That's fine. I wanted to make sure 90 pounds wasn't your goal, because if you've got a real goal, you can get there. Let's do a little bit of math. So a pound is about 3,500 calories. Right?

Oprah: Right.

Dr. Oz: So if you're going to lose a pound a week, even that seemingly small amount, that's 500 calories a day that you have to lose.

Kim: Okay.

Dr. Oz: That's a significant jump. So for most folks, once you get the low-lying food out of the way, the initial weight loss, of course, is relatively easy. Then you also sort of get into a stable program. And let me share something with you. Every long-term study on weight loss, so in other words, people who have lost weight and kept it off for two years, has shared one basic insight. That every day you try to shave off a hundred calories a day, and you don't try to get past that because if your body knows you're trying to diet, it's going to think you're fasting because there's a famine, so it's going to rebel against you.


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