Dr. Oz says we need to get more sleep.

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There is something lacking in the bedroom that Dr. Oz says is aging us at warp speed. "We're not sleeping. And sleeping is the fundamental way we reboot ourselves." Dr. Oz says the growth hormone, which is important for maintaining vitality and youthful vigor, is almost impossible to increase naturally without sleep. "Without the sleep that we know is so nourishing, we begin to dramatically age faster. It strips years off of our 'real age.'"

Before bedtime, Dr. Oz says to clean up and remember to floss. "Don't forget that. That will take two to five years off your 'real age' because of gingivitis and irritation of the gums that occurs if you don't floss your teeth."

The next step is to relax. "When you get in the bed, turn the lights down, do something that's soothing. Turn off the TV, turn off the computer. Don't do things that jazz you back up again, and you will find yourself gently slipping into sleep."
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