Dr. Oz and Oprah practice meditation.

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Dr. Oz says there is something you can do for five minutes every day that can add years to your life—meditation. Just find a quiet place, even if it's the bathroom. "No one's going to bother you there," he says. "You can get five minutes of solace, of peace and quiet."

To start your meditation, Dr. Oz says to say the word "yum," drawing out the word out as you say it. "That vibration stimulates your sinuses to release nitric oxide, a very important gas that relaxes your lungs and relaxes your blood vessels," he says. "It's one of the reasons we think meditation may be so effective."

Dr. Oz says there are other ways to practice meditation as well. "Prayer is meditation," he says. "Just a few moments to yourself, not a lot, when no one can bother you to let it all slip away. It allows you to reboot your engine and get back on track." 
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