Meg gets a Visia skin analysis.

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Meg is a 39-year-old mother of three and an avid surfer who admits to wearing as little sunblock as she can get away with—SPF 15 on her nose and under her eyes. "Because I want to look tan," she says. "I can't be in the water white."

Using the Visia Complexion Analysis System, Dr. Evans shows exactly the damage those years in the sun have caused. Her refusal to wear sunscreen and constant squinting will cause premature wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin spots. "These things are going to come to the surface. She's going to have these age spots coming up everywhere," she says. "It doesn't mean that it's too far gone. I mean, you still have a beautiful face. It's just something that you should add to your program. It's great that you're here being concerned about it."

What can Meg do? Dr. Oz and Dr. Evans say she has to start wearing sunscreen made for active people on her face, body and hands. "Protect those areas that are getting a lot of sun exposure already," he says.
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