Dr. Oz talks about his beauty book, YOU: Being Beautiful.

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For their latest book, Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen are tackling a fundamental topic: beauty.

In YOU: Being Beautiful, they have sifted through decades of research, sought out the world's foremost experts and compiled everything we all need to know about how to look and feel more beautiful.

But their analysis is more than skin-deep. Dr. Oz says looking at appearance is actually our hardwired, instinctual way of determining the health and fertility of a potential partner. "Before you could draw someone's blood or look at their DNA or get an X-ray, we could—in a quarter of a second—look at each other and say, 'I want you to have my child,'" he says. "What that means to you is that you can find beauty immediately."

Dr. Oz says true beauty is about being healthy, both inside and out. "The real challenge for us," he says, "is to ... show you how to unveil the beauty that I know everybody has."
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