There are several good places for acupressure on your foot.

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There are a number of places on your foot that are perfect spots for acupressure, Dr. Oz says. One is right at the base of the foot, which can get rid of tension. Another is a bone halfway up the side of your foot—good for relieving menstrual pain, bloating and constipation.

If you push on the part of the foot next to the pinky toe, it can cure blurry vision and other eye problems. Dr. Oz says the science behind the relationship between the pinky toe and eye function is one of the breakthroughs in understanding the thousands-of-years-old knowledge present in Eastern medicine.

Dr. Oz says a medical manuscript showed that when pressure was put on that part of the foot, the brain function lit up in the back of the brain. "And guess what? The back of the brain controls your eyes. The occipital lobe controls your eyes. There's no connection between those two. There's no way for us with Western medicine to understand how that's possible. But it did light up."
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