Dr. Oz explains how high heels can cause bunions.

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How are bunions formed? How can you prevent them?

While bunions can sometimes be genetic, Dr. Oz says wearing high-heeled shoes is often the culprit. "What classically happens is you step in these high-heeled shoes and you squish your toes into the bottom of the shoe, and the toes kink a little bit, which makes the bone [stick out]," he says.

Dr. Oz says not to worry about bunions if they aren't hurting. "It's not a big deal unless they do bother you," he says.

The best way to avoid bunions, Dr. Oz says, is to avoid shoes that are likely to contribute to their development. "Once the angle starts to go off the wrong way, your foot becomes inefficient as you walk," he says. "But that's why I think younger women in particular ought to pay attention to this issue."

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