Dr. Oz: Okay. And what about you—what's your resolution for this year? Have you decided?
Oprah: I haven't—and I'm not going to just casually throw something out there. For years I've been writing in this magazine, "What I know for sure is that I need more balance." So I'm not going to keep saying I need more balance until I can create it.
Dr. Oz: Very fair. If you can figure it out, it should be one of our 28 days to better health—because that's one thing I have no idea how to fix.

Oprah: I love the idea of 28 days of health. But if there were just one thing people did differently to improve their lives in 2012, what would it be?
Dr. Oz: Well, there are really two things that drive New Year's resolution success. Number one is telling somebody about your goal. Chances are, they'll either join you in pursuing it or at least support you. Number two is to be concrete and specific. You don't want a goal like "becoming a better person," because there's no objective way to judge that. It's got to be something like "I'm going to call my mother once a week." Or "I'm going to cut my body mass index to 25." It can't be fudgeable. Losing weight is a typical resolution, but you don't have to choose that. Your goal could be "I'm going to sleep for seven hours a night." If you're concrete, I'll bet the chance that you'll be succeeding by summer is 50 percent. Those are definitely odds worth taking.

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