Erin explores past lives.

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Since Erin was old enough to remember, she says she's been paralyzed by a fear of sharp corners and terrified by the idea of someone touching her neck. For the past 30 years, she's hid her phobias from friends. Now, she's ready to speak out and get to the root of her fear.

"It controlled my whole life really. None of my friends know about it, so I have little rituals that I would do to cover it up," she says. "Anything that had a sharp object, I had to try to rearrange the situation."

Erin agrees to meet with Dr. Weiss to try to unlock the mysteries of her phobias. During their first session, Erin taps into the life of a Native American man living in the 1800s. She glimpses the sharp, pointed spear of an attacker.

As the session continues, Dr. Weiss guides her into another past life, which helps explain her fear of having her neck touched. In this past life, Erin says she thinks she was a prostitute who died by strangulation. "I don't feel very good about myself. That's why I think I'm a prostitute," she says. She envisions herself sitting on the edge of a bed, putting on stockings. Then, she sees a man strangling her from behind.
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