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Tuck Jumps
You may have heard of burpees, often considered to be the perfect (and perfectly dreadful) total-body exercise. Matthews says tuck jumps are the first half of a burpee—and they can feel just as intense.

1. Start in a high plank position on a mat (if you have one). Using the strength of your entire body, jump both feet between your hands, coming to a low squatting position at the top of the mat.
2. When you’re ready, jump both feet towards the back of the mat. Return to the high plank position.
3. Too challenging? No worries. Instead of jumping, step one foot up at a time to meet the hands. Then step one foot back at a time to the back edge of the mat. "This low-impact version is more friendly to the joints but still provides a total-body challenge," says Matthews.
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