Illustration: Nick Iluzada

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If You Like Step Aerobics, Try: Elevation
The workout: A high-energy, 45-minute routine done completely on an elevated, angled trampoline (known in gymspeak as a rebounder) at Crunch gyms nationwide. You'll rotate through a series of jumping jacks, squats, and arm exercises—all while keeping your core fully engaged to stay balanced.

Why you'll like it: With its modern mix of aerobics and step moves (and a nod to cheerleading's pep) plus a yoga-inspired cooldown, Elevation packs in cardio, toning, and mindfulness. Need proof? A recent pilot study at New York's Hospital for Special Surgery found that exercisers who did rebounding workouts 20 minutes a day, three times a week for two months experienced a 68 percent increase in proprioception—awareness of your body in space—which can improve balance. Not to mention the thrill of feeling like a kid jumping on the bed. (If you're not near a Crunch, you can order a rebounder and workout videos at urbanrebounding.com.)