After undergoing a double mastectomy to remove cancerous tissue, Catherine says she was at home recovering when she saw Dr. Oz's discussion of medical mistakes . "You said these words that really stuck with me—that you are in charge of your own body and you are the world's expert on your own body," she says. "I remember thinking I was so lucky that my surgery had gone well."

The next day, Catherine went in for a follow-up appointment. Her surgeon removed the drains from her chest, and then, she says she reached up to touch the spot where the tumor had been. "The lump was still there," she says. "I had seen the medical mistake show, and every cell in my body was screaming, ''This is the same lump!'"

At Catherine's insistence, doctors did a mammogram and determined it was, in fact, the original tumor. "He had completely missed it," she says.

Now, Catherine says the lump is gone, and she's doing better…thanks to Dr. Oz.


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