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The Meditative Game of Fetch
Who: Russell Rosenberg, PhD, board-certified sleep specialist and the chairman of the board of the National Sleep Foundation

His routine: As the head of a nonprofit dedicated to helping people sleep, Rosenberg is practically duty-bound to get the 7.5 hours he needs to feel rested. One of the best ways he's found to do this is to play with his two Border collies. "It's a great way to take my mind off the day," he says, and it allows him to spend quality time with the dogs before they curl up for the night in their kennel—far away from the bedroom.

Make it work for you: Over half of people who sleep with their pets admit that their furry friends disrupt their sleep, found a survey by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center. By designating the room a pet-free zone, you'll all sleep more soundly.

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