Bailie is sometimes caught in the middle of her parent's arguments.

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Wendie and Tony's battle with smoking is affecting more than just their relationship. Their 6-year-old daughter, Bailie, can feel the tension in the home. "One day, when my mommy and daddy argued, I went in my bunk bed, and I hid under the blankets," she says. "Sometimes, my mom says she's going to run away, and that makes me sad."

Tony says it pains him to see Bailie's reaction and he's trying to keep her from overhearing arguments. "We don't have discussions about things that we can get heated about anymore until after she goes to bed," he says. "We just don't talk about those things right now."

But the high level of tension in the home, Tony says, is what can cause a fight to be triggered at any moment. Dr. Oz emphasizes the importance of keeping Bailie out of the arguments. "The thing is, Bailie becomes the judge and the jury," Dr. Oz says. "And she shouldn't be in the courtroom."