Tony has made big strides.

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Since Dr. Oz's house call, Tony has made big strides. Eight days ago, he smoked his last cigarette. After initially trying to just cut down, he says he realized he needed a clean break. "I just said, 'You're either going to beat this, or it's going to beat you,'" he says. "It was tough getting through that first day. Then my second day, I went back to work. Work was hard—lots of people smoke there—but it was easier than at home because I wasn't around [Wendie]."

Tony also asked his mother to leave, explaining that her presence was adding to the stress in their home. "My wife and kids are the most important thing to me, so I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep my family together," he says.

Despite these positive moves, Dr. Oz says Tony is still in a very dangerous position, particularly because of his lack of friends.