chicken wontons

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Bundles of Joy
Maybe it's their delectable exteriors—sometimes crispy, other times soft—or that they're so adorably petite (though that does make it tough to keep track of how many you eat). Or it could be that their insides remain a mystery until you take that first bite. Whatever it is, there's something so appealing about dumplings, which exist in various forms all over the world: Italy has its ravioli, Poland its pierogi, India its samosas. In fact, there's very little that doesn't taste better in pocket form. Which is why I came up with these recipes, which range from crunchy to soft, savory to sweet. My lemony shrimp dumplings get their crispy skin from a hot pan (and are even more delicious with a tangy kimchi yogurt sauce), while savory steamed chicken, leek and mushroom pockets stay nice and pillowy and pair well with an edamame puree. Finish up with a rhubarb and raspberry turnover, and you've got your meal, well, all wrapped up.

Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pockets
Savory steamed chicken, leek and mushroom pockets wrap up nicely on a bed of edamame puree.

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