Coming to Tonya's cooking rescue is chef Tyler Florence, host of Tyler Florence's Real Kitchen and an Oprah's sandwich showdown competitor! For two days, Tyler and Tonya work on healthy and delicious recipes for the entire family

"Being a chef means that you get to operate what I call the heartbeat of the house—and that's the kitchen," he says. "What I like to do is just sort of share ideas with people [so] that you can take the fear out of getting behind the stove."

Cooking healthy doesn't have to pinch your pocketbook, Tyler says. Just plan meals that share ingredients—Tyler starts with turkey. "I think turkey is the superprotein," he says. "When we're talking about making delicious food that's healthy, you really have to figure out where to cut fat but not necessarily cut flavor."

For dinner, Tyler shares two recipes his own kids love. "It's really important that the kids share the experience of cooking. ... It creates memories," he says. "A lot of people have sort of lost the idea of cooking. I like to bring it back where it's a big part of the family experience." 

Make Tyler's recipes tonight:


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