Adam Perry Lang at the grill

Meet the Grill Master
French-trained chef Adam Perry Lang found his true culinary calling as a barbecue master after spending some time cooking at a ranch in New Mexico more than a decade ago. Now, his New York City restaurant Daisy May's BBQ is a favorite among top chefs and locals alike.

Adam shares six of his favorite tools to use when barbecuing.
Grill brush

A Great Grill Brush
Adam says it's important to clean the rods of your grill before you barbecue to keep food from sticking. Run the grill brush over the rods several times to remove any debris.

Grilling Tongs
Tongs are key for grilling, because Adam says they make it easier to move the food and they keep your hand from becoming tired when grilling up a lot food for a party.
Metal spatula

Metal Spatula
Adam says you should buy a metal spatula for the grill because it has a sharp end and you can really get it underneath food for flipping.
Herb basting brush

Make an Herb Basting Brush
Instead of using a bristle brush to add seasonings to your food, tie herbs on the end of a typical wooden kitchen spoon and dip the herbs in butter or olive oil to baste your meat or vegetables, Adam says. The heat toasts the herbs, which smell great and add something special to your food.
Microplane grater

Use a Microplane Grater
Every grill master should use a Microplane grater to grate garlic, shallots, hot peppers and other seasonings right onto a cutting board. These seasonings will be used to give food from the grill lots of flavor after it's done cooking.

Use a Thermometer
Some people like their steaks rare, others well done. To make sure you are cooking your steak to the desired temperature, Adam says you must use a metal-stemmed thermometer and check the temperature of your meat often.