To eat well, you have to make it easy to choose the right foods throughout the day. Here are a few tricks Jewels and Jill use to help clients, including Jennifer Aniston, stay on course.

1. Shop Smart
Seek out great sources for fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains. Then make sure most of your weekly groceries consist of these things. Balanced eating starts with balanced shopping.

2. Master DIY Convenience
Wash vegetables and lettuce the moment you get them home. This makes it easier to prepare a fresh salad quickly or roast a few vegetables for a meal or to puree in a soup. Wash and cut up fruit such as melon or berries. Then store them front and center in the fridge in clear containers so they're the first thing you reach for when you open the door. As Jewels says, "'Convenience food' to me means having tomatoes on the counter, rinsed and ready to eat, peaches sliced and frozen to put into smoothies."

3. Seek Out Delicious
If you're convinced you don't like kale, or fish, or cauliflower, maybe the problem isn't with the food but with how you've been preparing it. Jewels's recipe for salmon marinated in lemon zest, shallot, and fennel turned Jen from a fish hater into a fan. Find at least one delicious recipe for a new healthful food each month, then perfect it.

4. Be Prepared
Memorize a handful of recipes for those ubiquitous ingredients that show up in even the remotest small-town deli, so you'll have something good to eat no matter where you find yourself. Jewels says, "Even if you wind up in the middle of nowhere, you can always find something fresh, maybe just celery and parsley." That's why celery soup and parsley salad are staples of Jewels and Jill's repertoire.

5. Forget Magic Bullets
Jen looks great because she's conscientious and disciplined about caring for her body through yoga and good food. "She's not skinny," says Jewels. "She's perfectly fit. You know all that good stuff you're supposed to do for your body? She actually does it."

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