Gayle King

Oprah's best friend Gayle King is back with a hard-hitting Oprah Show investigative report. Last season, Gayle traveled across the United States in search of the country's best burgers and cake. Now, armed with viewer suggestions, Gayle is taking on the food that unites all Americans—pizza!
Gayle and Len

The first stop on Gayle's quest is Ledo's Restaurant at her alma mater, University of Maryland, in College Park where Gayle was a student in the '70s (inset: Gayle circa 1976). "I have always liked pizza, but there is no pizza in the world, in the world, that I am still talking about and remembering and thinking about 30 years later," Gayle says.

Ledo's has been serving up it's famous square pizza since 1955, and 82-year-old owner Tommy Sr. is still behind the counter—six days a week!

Tommy Jr., who runs the restaurant with his father, says their pizza is like no other. "It's the saltiness of the cheese, the sweetness of the sauce, and then the crust is just a very basic dough recipe," he says. "Blend it together and it's just got a unique flavor to it."

Gayle says the only thing she loves more than pizza is University of Maryland basketball. To complete her walk down memory lane, Gayle invites Len Elmore, a favorite Terrapin basketball player from her college days to join in on the fun. Len says Ledo's remains one of the best! "This is an objective opinion based on decades and decades of research," Len says.
Gayle and Chris Bianco

For the next best pizza pie, Gayle packs her bags and heads to Phoenix, Arizona, home of Pizzeria Bianco—the most recommended pizza by Oprah viewers!

One of the things that makes this pizza so special is owner Chris Bianco's passion for his pie. He personally hand makes every pizza—sometimes more than 250 a night! Chris says serving the freshest pie possible is key to his success—so no take out or delivery! Which means, the wait for his "slice of heaven" can be lengthy—but that doesn't stop people from getting in line! "He pours his heart and soul into every pie," says one diner. "You taste his passion for the food."

Watch as Gayle gets the secrets of Bianco's pizza. Watch

Chris's strict pie policies go towards toppings as well—you won't find any pepperoni here. Instead, Chris uses sopressata, a pork sausage that he says "cooks down better." Other toppings include caramelized onions, smoked mozzarella and fennel sausage. Gayle's rating? "[It was] unlike anything I've ever tasted. ... It had me at hello."
Gayle at Mariella's

Gayle's next stop takes her to New York City, home of O, The Oprah Magazine, to sample the best the Big Apple has to offer. According to her driver, Terrell, the only place for a New York slice is Mariella's—just 48 steps from the O Magazine offices!

Mariella's owner, Joe Licata Sr., has been slicing up some of the city's best for 30 years. Their secret recipe is just that—secret! "Oh my God. I love the cheese. I love the oil. And I really love the crust and the sauce," Gayle says.
HomeMade Pizza Co.

When Brooke Shields craves pizza she makes a stop at HomeMade Pizza Company. Started by friends of Brooke's, HomeMade's philosophy is "we make it, you bake it."

HomeMade makes custom pizzas to order—with toppings like feta cheese, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and caramelized onions—then you bake it at home. "The aroma of homemade pizza fills your home when you're cooking it and that's half the fun," says owner Audrey Fosse.
Gayle and Oprah

No pizza show would be complete without talking about Chicago! The dining editor's of Chicago magazine have ranked their favorite pies in the Windy City. For thin crust, they say Pizano's is the perfect bite. And, for deep dish Pizzeria Due is the one to beat.
Pizza from around the world

On average, Americans consume 350 slices of pizza every second! And, while it's no surprise that our favorite topping in the States is classic pepperoni, you might be surprised at some of the world's most popular pizza toppers:

Japan: Corn and squid
India: Pickled ginger, tofu and mutton (sheep's meat)
Russia: Red herring
Costa Rica: Coconut
Australia: Ham and pineapple