Gayle and Len

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The first stop on Gayle's quest is Ledo's Restaurant at her alma mater, University of Maryland, in College Park where Gayle was a student in the '70s (inset: Gayle circa 1976). "I have always liked pizza, but there is no pizza in the world, in the world, that I am still talking about and remembering and thinking about 30 years later," Gayle says.

Ledo's has been serving up it's famous square pizza since 1955, and 82-year-old owner Tommy Sr. is still behind the counter—six days a week!

Tommy Jr., who runs the restaurant with his father, says their pizza is like no other. "It's the saltiness of the cheese, the sweetness of the sauce, and then the crust is just a very basic dough recipe," he says. "Blend it together and it's just got a unique flavor to it."

Gayle says the only thing she loves more than pizza is University of Maryland basketball. To complete her walk down memory lane, Gayle invites Len Elmore, a favorite Terrapin basketball player from her college days to join in on the fun. Len says Ledo's remains one of the best! "This is an objective opinion based on decades and decades of research," Len says.